25Th Wedding Anniversary Balloons Decorations


Balloon is important element to include in a wedding anniversary decoration. For 25th anniversary or people call them as silver wedding, preparation is required starting from the entrance, tables and chairs, centerpiece (if used), stage, receptions and so on. The balloon creates great and cheerful situations to the couple. Ideas can be developed from tables and linens to take specific theme. The flowers give more beautiful impression where to the ceiling balloons are decorated in some clusters. There are various balloons sizes and colors to décor the venue. For 25th wedding anniversary moment it is suggested to pick white or silver balloons. Plan the decocartion based on the venue size and where the main stage resides.

As seen in the picture, the decoration looks so stunning with four curvy lines of balloons in white colors. The stage is placed at the center of seats and table cluster so to this point the couples have incredibly freedom to say hello to everyone or give a speech. There are many ideas we can work related with 25th wedding anniversary theme.

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