Army Birthday Cakes

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Kids Army Birthday Cake

Army Birthday cakes are inspired from anything about military so we can see for example a coo army tank cake, US Air force Cake, air craft Cake, military uniform cake and so on. They are so wonderful to present for birthday parties both for kids to adults who have connection or hobby related to the military. Look at the pictures. Army birthday cakes have so dominantly green color. These camo cakes will cheer and warm the moment of birthday.

Army Tank Birthday Cake

The army helmet cake as seen in the picture shows a soldier helmet marked by star and US Army while the US flag lies besides. The base of this army helmet cake is a motif of army uniform. Look at the galleries and we will have more inspirations about how to design our own army cakes. Or, we can just buy at stores. Presenting combat situation on a cake will be great idea. Just put a miniature soldier with a gun ready to shoot near a tank. Think about diorama, we might get more ideas later. The best part is probably when such scene being sliced and eaten.

Army Themed Birthday Cakes


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