Astonishing Butterfly Wedding Cake Toppers

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Butterfly is another symbol of love and romantic story. So, how if the butterfly makes the wedding cake so astonishing? The answer is just make it as topper. Butterfly wedding cake toppers give the dynamic sense on the wedding cake. Look at the picture. How beautiful white butterflies perching on the wedding cake. To make a contrast, purple ribbon is wrapped around each tier. The butterflies may come with various colors. The proportional and artistic shape of butterfly wings is too good to match with all colors. Check more pictures in the gallery.

Butterfly wedding cake toppers impress a dynamic and cheerful wedding theme. Imagine the guests smile, laugh, and chat each other while cutting and eating the cake. The toppers seem so cute to be part of the great moment. There are various other butterfly topper decor to bring more joy and happiness to the wedding. For more picture, check in the gallery. Butterflies, like heart shape, enable people to associate with the romantic journey of two couples in love.