Barbie Birthday Cake


Walmart Barbie Birthday Cakes

Girl birthday can be so wonderful moment with this Barbie birthday cake. Look at the picture. How cute the cake is, a blonde hair Barbie in a pink dress resembling a round hat. In addition, purple color seems so matched with the pink domination. At the bottom, name written near the small flower motif in purple. Next, we have another Barbie dressed in pink. She stands on white round cake (indeed she is a cake too) with delicate blonde hair. Compare with the Barbie stand amazingly in a square cake with her hair tied up. This Barbie is decorated so perfect and candles put in the border to mimic a glowing fence.

Birthday Cakes Barbie Doll
Another cake to shape with Barbie doll is in sitting position. She sits cheerfully in a cake resembling a pink bed with purple border. The phrase is written above the cake too. Another Barbie birthday cake has combination of pink and white color in a round cake. At the top two candles resembling glasses lie and the word “Barbie” written beautifully on its wall.  So for birthday with Barbie theme, the dominant colors (pink and purple) should present.

Barbie Birthday Party Cakes

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