Batman Wedding Ring

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Batman Wedding Ring With Diamond

Batman wedding ring comes with unique shank, black or very dark colors with top part mimicking bat wings. Just imagine how batman costum in action, this way the ring is made. As seen in figure, the shoulders look so great with simple wing shape crafting while at the head five prongs help the diamond to stand. The black shank seems so perfect to enter fingers of batman lovers. Next picture the headless batman wedding ring with batman logo in yellow oval border. Put this logo on top of fingers then the batman lover wedding will be true.

Womens Batman Wedding Ring

Dark shank with a diamond head seems to express Batman style in a wedding. Look at the couple of batman wedding rigns. For female, the small diamond creates glorious sense where for male the head of batman logo show masculinity. But it doesn’t mean that Batman theme is not appropriate with silver. Look at this picture. The silver shank covers blak materials forming batman logo with a small diamond at center. Next pictures show how depth of mounting creates difference. The shallow one impresses a luxurious diamond to spread light wider while the next one has deeper mounting to glow the shine in tapering direction.

Batman Wedding Ring Set

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