How To Buy Best Coconut Oil And Important Terms To Know

Best Coconut Oil

Benefits Of Virgin Coconut Oil ~ Coconut oil has been integral part of our cooking activity. In market we can find countless options boasting their quality with various labels like extra virgin, super healthy and expeller pressed. So, what is the best one to select and how can we make right decision about what to buy. Some terminologies need to be understood so we would be guided to pick the best one.

Let’s start from the extraction process. Coconut oil is produced by extracting oil from the roughage. To collect such oil some processes are done so the roughage can be separated from oily areas. However we need to bear in mind that along this process this industry knows what called solvent extraction method where hazardous chemical like hexane is used. Actually the hexane is removed by heating oil in high temperature, but unluckily it changes the flavor. So, some innovations are required to cope with this problem and R&D in this industry has found methods called expeller-pressed and cold-pressed. Based on these techniques, the oil can be extracted from dry or fresh coconut.

Expeller pressing has been used since long time ago with no chemical process involved. However this mechanical pressing comes with high temperature that, as mentioned previously, affect the flavor. In a massive nuts volume, the increasing temperature is unavoidable and the other problem is that only 65 to 70 percent of oil can be extracted so to maintain their profitability many companies use chemical solvents to extract the remainder. Otherwise, such called cold pressed method works with under 400 degrees temperature resulting in oil with much better flavor, aroma and nutrition.

Next we need to understand what termed as refined vs. unrefined coconut oil. If you want to buy best oil it is not recommended to pick the former since its process run in 400 degrees indicating degraded quality. Coconut copra or dried coconut meat is refined using bleaching clays to get rid the contaminants and sodium hydroxide is added for prolonging oil’s shelf life. Some other chemical solvents are added too. As a consequence, this process creates trans fat which in turn increase LDL or bad cholesterol and decreasing HDL or good cholesterol. This contributes to increased risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and arteries clogging.

Benefit Of Virgin Coconut Oil

Next, what termed as virgin coconut oil is unrefined coconut oil. So literally the most virgin coconut oil would derive from directly consuming the coconut meat. However some refinery process has been successful to get such virgin oil. It is extracted from fresh coconut meat in wet milling process or quick drying. The oil is expressed mechanically in quick drying process while wet milling process the coconut milk from the meat before boiling, fermenting or separating the milk by enzymes or centrifuge. The quick process enable us to have purified oil without additive or bleaching and to avoid high temperature so the coconut flavor and odor kept preserved.

In what container the coconut oil should be purchased? Rather than plastic container, the glass one is preferable. Unlike plastic, glass doesn’t interfere the oil taste and the nutrients contained in the oil is well preserved. In market, the plastic containers are more abundantly available since they are produced massively with lower quality.