Top 10 The Best Healthy Dog Food Brands

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Best Healthy Dog Food Brands ~ For their growth and development, puppies require more complete nutrition than older dogs. Bearing this in mind, AAFCO set special formulation to include more portions of fat and protein as recommended by veterinarians. To provide more protein means that we should lessen or even avoid carbohydrate intakes derived from wheat, soy, or corn and any sweeteners (just use these should the puppies appetite stimulation). According to experts, puppies need minimum of 8 percent fat and 22 percent protein, moderately higher than minimum requirement for adult dogs which require 18 percent of protein and 5 percent of fat daily. It is the standard The American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) has stipulated.

Best Healthy Dog Food Brands

In a pet shop we might find special formula for puppies labeled “all life stage”. However, it is important to bring them to veterinarian to check whether some sensitivity, allergy or specific health condition is found. Based on his/her recommendation we can select the best food for them. AAFCO formulates two nutritional profiles including growth and development formula and adult maintenance. So for puppies, the growth and development label is appropriate. Generally this formula contains protein, fats, carbohydrate, vitamins, mineral and moisture in balanced proportion. For bone development we suggest you to pick brands with higher calcium and phosphorous ingredients.

Some brands may add artificial preservative or additional colors for stimulating puppies appetite. However we should beware that these additive is comfortable enough for them. As for human food, the additive has similar nature with “junk” word, good in taste but sometimes poor or unhealthy. Meanwhile, canned dog foods as readily available in any pet shop would expire quicker than dry ransom. So, should your puppies had problem after consuming the canned foods, respond the condition immediately and adequately by visiting your veterinarian.

Furthermore, we should know that puppies like treats so much and people use these much for training. It is good to add more calories since the puppies get increased activity. Experts agree that allowable treats are not more than 10% of dog diet but we can add more treats for heavy duty training. We should know either that puppies take about a year of age to be comfortable enough eating adult food. Ensure that we are patiently helping them to adapt with new menus. Also, check whether allergy (like itchy) or sensitivity exist during this stage.

Pet experts recommend to start with mixing 75 percent of puppy food and 25 percent of adult dog food. Then increase the adult proportion gradually for about a week; for example, we can mix 50/50 by day 3 and by day 6 the proportion should be 90-100 for adult food. However it is important to consider what breeds the puppies we raise. Larger breeds like Labradors or German Shepherds may have dysplasia of hip or elbow and other joint disorders as they grow so it is important to increase the ratio of proteins and calcium to support rapid skeleton growth so such problem could be avoided. Such diet formula should be given until approaching the end of growth period (perhaps 18 months of age). For more details, consult your veterinarian.

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