Black And Gold Wedding Bouquets

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Imagine a black and gold colors are combined into a wedding bouquet. The elegance of golden color whether derived from flowers or other elements of bouquet will be perfectly matched to the overall look of the bouquet. Black flowers both in true or fake forms give strong impression of eternity and artistic touch. To make a round shaped bouquet pay more attention to the size of each flowers. Combine between bigger and smaller sizes of them in intertwined way. Meanwhile we can add more elements like much smaller budded flower, green leaves, foliages, branches or else. Such addition makes the bouquet looks more rustic.

As seen in the picture, the gold color impresses a glory of wedding bouquet while the black one send a message of wedding eternity. Some florists have tried the combination in flowers arrangements. Roses are still popular both in fresh or natural form and in fake or decorative form. In addition, the bouquet should be integrated to overall wedding decoration so we could find a venue full of flowers from entrance to the altar or stage.

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