Black And White Party Dresses

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Going party with black and white combined in a dress is great idea. Many designs prove that women look so trendy, classy and elegant yet simple. They come in various decorations, fabric types, shoulder style, long sleeve, sleeveless, embroideries pattern, beading set, strap or strapless and so on. In addition to help shaping body contour, the combination of two colors creates almost infinite possibility pattern. Some have white dominating the black and vice a versa while the others take a balance between them. The wider surface to be sketched the more creativity can put in. The long dress and long sleeve dress has been subject of designers work.

Take a look to the picture. The lady looks so sexy, brilliant, elegant, pretty and more other amazing words we can say. The design seems so simple but the balance between white and black works the best. The long sleeve, strapless, a horizontal line slightly below the neck model impresses an everlasting youthful. To the bottom part, the white s bordered with black laces at base.

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