Black And White Wedding Bouquet

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No more impressive contrast to express a beauty like black versus white. It has been long time ago such combination is used in many art forms and inspiring more to other fields including bridal decoration. This time you need to consider the beautiful black and white wedding bouquet. Pick for example some roses in both colors to arrange in ball shape. Patterning in intertwined way creates such beautiful vintage look to the bouquet. In addition you may give more elements to the bouquet whether in fresh flowers, fake flowers or some foliage, plants or other decorative elements. Check some collection of florists around the world online and to your surprise many ideas and inspirations will come.

As seen in the picture, the black and white combination to the wedding bouquet presents beautiful and artistic sense to the overall decoration. Such flowers are not only made for bride grasps but also to put on the wedding table, entrances, aisle, tents or other parts of wedding venue. Florists have created so many styles and decorations of wedding bouquet using these natural colors.

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