Black And White Wedding Cakes Images

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Red Black And White Wedding Cakes

Simple but elegant cake is decorated in two basic colors: black and white. As seen in the picture, we have many options with various shapes and ornament. Sometimes people feel bored with colorful cakes and they want to have just a simple black and white wedding cake. To add the black color some ingredients including coffee, dark chocolate or caramel are frequently added. This black element may be dominant or not depending on the overall ideas. Meanwhile, the white color comes from sugar or sweetener used both to make the cake luscious and to improve the appearance. The black lines are frequently crossed to the white surface of the cake to impress a ribbon or just a line.

Black White And Red Wedding Cakes

Black and white wedding cake recipes are indeed not different with most cake recipes. It is just about decorating matter. However, some recipes shows that the white and black element are so deeply penetrated to the whole cake. Take a look to the images. There we can learn the know how of decorating black and white wedding cake.

Black And White Wedding Cakes

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