Blue Wedding Rings

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Wedding Rings Blue

This beautiful blue wedding ring has black shank where the shoulders branch to the top part with thinner at inside and wider/thicker at the outside to support the head. Meanwhile it has two small blue stones at wings and the biggest one at the top. These mountings are secured each with four prongs. To the next picture, this uses three stones where two greenish blue stones set on the wing of a diamond head. The ornament is so luxurious with smaller beads surrounding the full silver shank. Compare with the next picture where the all three of stones are blue. Rather than square shape, the oval heads symbolize different sense of a great wedding ring.

Wedding Rings With Blue

Now take a look to the tire shaped wedding rings with a square blue stone at the mounting. The shank is shaped by four metal lines where among them crafted silvers make a rusty but artistic sense and don’t miss the charm of dark blue stone at top. The next picture shows a trimmer seamless shank bent to the top where both tips become a crown for the small blue stones. These tips are so crafty. Another blue wedding ring has dark double shank with the mounting on one side and two beads to the slightly lower part.

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