Blue And White Wedding Bouquet

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Wedding bouquet in combination of blue and white colors are amazing and presenting a futuristic and elegant look. Pick for example blue roses, tulips or lily to arrange into a wedding bouquet. Such arrangement will impress the blue as major influencer to the look while white as natural element perfectly improves it. Find some collection online by florists around the world to find more idea. Besides combination of flowers in both colors, some other element may be added like foliage, branches or sterns to the bouquet. This uniquely creates more rustic and natural look. While more standard and conventional bouquet stick around in ball or pyramid pattern. Just consider the sizes of each flower before arranging them into a full bouquet.

There are various blue colors we can select ranging from pale blue, dark blue to blue navy. Should flowers with blue color be rare, take non flowers elements to the bouquet like a blue ribbon or tape. As seen in the picture, The blue and white combination in wedding bouquet bring more spirit and joy to the wedding ceremony.

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