Blue And White Wedding Invitations


What is like wedding invitation in blue and white combination? Check some pictures online and you will be amazed about how both colors make great impression. Sometimes blue dominate, and other time the white would. Balancing both colors in a wedding invitation is a great idea. Let for example your cover be dominated with blue while the inside part getting white. Coloring the envelope with dark blue is good idea. Or, make your ornaments like ribbon, tape, small ropes or accessories in blue color too. Some rustic style is so impressive, try to get some templates with crafting mosaic to the cover part.

Take a look to the picture. Such wedding invitation presents beautiful combination of blue and white whereas calligraphy and fonts used look so classic. The size makes such beautiful wordings adequately readable. Check more pictures in gallery and find your own favorite. There are more available in different shape and size. But it is wise to bear in mind about the budget you would spend and how many people you want to invite.