Butterfly Wedding Decorations Inspirations

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Butterfly theme in the wedding moment is so wonderful. It appears in wedding dress, wedding invitation and wedding decoration. For this purpose we can start from the entrance. Give it more butterfly decorations using lovely colors like purple, white, blue, or else. Hanging more butterfly decorations on the tent or ceiling will improve the looks more. In addition, we need to consult our florists about combining the flowers placement with some butterfly ornaments. They must have great idea for this. To the linens we can stick some butterfly patterns or picking the linens printed with butterfly motif. Numerous ideas may come from the beautiful creature people most link to the romantic theme.

As seen in the picture, the butterfly motif is accentuated by best lighting strategy. It is important for decorating purpose to discuss everything with people involved including florists. By doing this you can stick on your initial budget well. Research the wedding theme and how “butterfly” gives wonderful effect to overall decoration. Check more pictures in gallery for more ideas.