Cars Birthday Cake


Cars birthday cake has unique and beautiful décor. Look at the picture. The cake is designed with a car and its line to resemble a race circuit. Actually cars theme presents so many ideas to work with. Cars lovers have many great details to express in a cake. Any car model can be made on the cake ranging from truck, limo, to bus. It is good to bring more colors for decorating. Having a road or parking lot on the wide square birthday cake is wonderful too. See the pictures for more inspiration.

In addition to the car models, small piece of a car would be great to model in a cake. For example, making a garage theme with various things to lie upon including tires, engines, key, wheel, and so on will improve the look and make the cake more meaningful. Improvisation may be done by making the full body of cake camouflaging a favorite car. Take a look to the pictures gallery. They are some of marvelous but not too hard to do cakes for birthday moment.

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