Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Ball


chocolate chip cheesecake squares

Chocolate chip cheesecake ball presents perfect blend between luscious dark chocolate, sweet sugar and tasty cheese. The recipe is relatively easy and can be done in relatively short time. Look at the picture, how amazing these balls to serve for any crowds in special events like Christmas, wedding party, birthday party or any gathering where more people chat in one room. Cheese is great appetizer and when combined with chocolate chip to satisfy all audiences. In addition, chocolate sprinkles are nice to add to improve the taste. As seen in picture, these chocolate chip cheesecake ball seems so luscious and easy to grab and go.

chocolate chip cheesecake pie

The size of balls can be adjusted but it seems that mini size will be convenient to eat again and again. As seen in pictures there are variations of chips size. Compared with kids, adults like the more bitter taste so for this case the dark chocolate would work better. Find out more recipes of this chocolate chip cheesecake balls and do it yourself at home. See more pictures of chocolate chip cheesecake ball in gallery.

chocolate chip cheesecake dip

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