Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake Mix

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chocolate chip cookie cake pops

This chocolate chip cookie cake mix seems so delicious. The soft texture of cake inside is covered with almost dark chocolate. It has two layers where between the layer the chocolate mix improve the taste. In addition, the topping seems so luring. Chocolate chip cookie cake mix also present in small or mini cake. As seen on picture, the cake has ball shape with cookies topping where at the other picture something melted at the top will trigger our appetite. It is great chocolate to serve for crowds of parties, Christmas, ceremonies or any gathering.

chocolate chip cookie cake mix

Various other ingredients can be added for example peanut butter. It will blend the salty taste of peanut butter, bitter of chocolate and sweet of sugar. For improving the taste we can also add cinnamon, more vanilla or else. For breakfast, it is good idea to make the chocolate bread cake to serve with hot coffee or chocolate. The circle shape one as in picture with three layers will attract kids. They are actually easy to work at home with relatively short time. In addition, it will give us great fun and challenging experience.

chocolate chip cookie cake icing

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