Cinderella Wedding Theme

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Most women in the world have been fans of Cinderella since their childhood and many of them eagerly want to embody such dreams into the wedding moment. So, it is perfect time to bring Cinderella wedding theme to the ceremony. Decorations of everything would matter. Check the linens you should attach, the tent to erect, lighting to bring them enlightened and many flowers you require to make the moment more like a fairy tale wedding. Glowing and elegant wedding moment becomes so unique in this wedding theme. For this purpose, prepare the imaginative entrance, the pew, aisles and more importantly wedding and chair decorations. As focal point, the stage decoration demands more artistic touches for best moment in this wedding party: dancing.

As seen in the picture, the wedding venue is full of great lighting make all decorations so glowing. Combination of white and more imaginative colors like purple and pink bring the wedding party into most imaginative extreme. So does with table and chair decorations. Such arrangement enables all guests to eat, chat and glance each other with the most convenient way.