Country Wedding Cakes Ideas


Country Wedding Cakes Ideas

Country wedding cakes have unique features ranging from the ingredients to be used and the way cakes being decorated. As seen in picture, a wedding cake uses two pumpkins as topping and with rustic style on the surface of cake. Beside the cake, other corps products present with flowers. Next picture show three tier square cake with traditional ornaments consisting of roses on each corner with ribbon covering each level of cake. Combination of grey and white colors makes this wedding cake looks so traditional and impressed a peaceful countryside theme.

Country Wedding Cakes

Next picture shows round wedding cakes with three different levels of cake. At the base we can see the rustic style of cake attached with pink rose at bottom and a small bundle of flowers to the higher point. The Second cake looks so yummy with brown color bordering the top part. And at the top of this wedding cake, two brown cakes with mustard at the middle part seems so luscious to eat. At the top another bundle of flower lies with Love word. The country wedding cakes usually made by considering special and traditional ingredients.

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