Diamond Wedding Rings


Diamond is the most popular and most believed as the best element of a wedding ring. It is expensive for some people but the quality and elegance it offers never make people hesitate to pick this one, particularly for important moment like wedding ceremony. Commonly diamond has great table with some girdle motifs to separate between crown and pavilion. The depth of its seating also influences the way light to be reflected. Wedding ring with double prongs seems so elegant and special, particularly if supported by great shoulders and side stones.

It is great that we know about types of head for diamonds. So, we might like V tipped head, tulip, buttercup, basket, peg or some others. Mountings also play important role in making a diamond wedding ring so impressive. Tiffany solitaire and chapel designs are among popular mountings for this wedding ring. You should know more too about insert, jacket, and wraps. Check some collections online and you would be surprised about how great ideas to be collected from different vendors.

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