Disney Wedding Cake Toppers


 Wedding Cake Toppers Disney

Wedding cakes with Disney characters have long been popular in addition to birthday cakes.  Baby boomers generation and even Y generation all are familiar to the Disney theme. So this time we see how Disney Wedding Cake Toppers deserve their place. Cartoon characters ranging from Donald ducks, Mickey Mouse, to Goofy are so inspiring to make the wedding parties so cheerful.  In addition, this Disney theme bring a brighter color to the wedding cake. Just look at the picture.

Disney Wedding Cakes

It seems that Donald and Deasy or Mickey and Minnie have been the most popular characters to top in wedding cake. Like other cakes, indeed recipes for making the wedding cakes are same in principle. Just place them at the top and let all people to be happy with slice by slice of cakes. The other unique idea to make Disney Wedding Cake Toppers is to bring more different characters into cake surface. It is so nice to have them presented in various sweetener flavors.  Check the pictures and find how they may inspire us in one or different way. Even for one character, take for example Donald duck, there are so many occasions or situations to describe how cheerful he is and how he could make all people happy.

Disney Wedding Cake

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