Fake Flower Wedding Bouquet

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Fake flower for wedding bouquet gives unique and artistic sense to the wedding ceremony itself. The nature of fake flower is rustic, artistic and far more durable than true or fresh flowers. By this theme we can explore our creativity further since we have far more abundant materials to use. Fake flowers can be made from fabric, paper, plastic, woods, etc crafting into floral motifs and after made these don’t need more treatment. In addition you can do it yourself for wedding moment. Find more information about basics of making fake flower wedding bouquet and to your surprise, Internet offers abundant information about it. For suggestion, take some tutorials to guide your practice.

As seen in the picture, the fake flowers are created to nearly mimicking the true flowers. The arrangement looks so rich and rustic with more elements to combine. For bouquet purpose, the fake flowers should be as nearly as possible to resemble the real flowers. Some fabrics work best for this in addition to the technique of patterning and arranging such fake flower.

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