Formal Party Dresses

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Formal party dress is frequently associated with traditional and conventional dress people have long been used for attending party. Such dress usually comes with white or ivory color and some laces and embroideries to bring descent, elegant and beautiful look. Corset is another icon of formality in a dress design along with folds to the lower parts into the base. As seen in the picture, the woman wear dress with amazing embroideries to the front side. Meanwhile, very thin straps hang on shoulder make the woman looks so sexy. Folds and embroideries decorated in the base create beautiful silhouette each time she moves.

Today designers have created more innovative formal dress by many ways by integrating new materials like type of beads, pearls arrangement, unique embroideries pattern, to experiment with color blends. Strapless or one strap hanging on one shoulder then becomes a norm. In principle, formal dress shapes body posture to gain its natural curve and contour still in traditional manner. For more pictures see gallery and find one or more ideas.

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