Four Benefits of Doing Planks Every Day

Plank is effective exercise for shaping body with simple moves but leads to improve fitness so much. We don’t need any equipment, can be done everywhere and involve several muscle groups simultaneously. Following are some benefits of doing planks every day.

Number one, plank will improve our core strength including bones, muscles and joints which connect upper and lower parts of body. Holding plank position requires us squeezing and engaging all main core muscles like transverse abdominus, rectus abdominus, external oblique and glutes. Furthermore, the planking habit will strengthen our back rather than potentially injuring it. The upper back muscle can be strengthened by doing plank routinely by maintaining a neutral spine and eliminating constant strains due to spinal column flexion and extension.

Number two, plank will make your metabolism improving and more body fat burned. Strength training increases our metabolic rate even as the exercise has stopped. According to research, for every pound of gained muscle, about 50 calories or more would be burnt per day. In addition, planks are effectively increasing flexibility and lowering injury risk. Losing elasticity body due to aging can be compensated well by this simple but routine exercise. Flexibility around shoulder blades, collarbone, hamstring and feet and toes arches are effectively improved by planks. Some side planks will perfect your exercise in order to improve your body strength and flexibility. Try to extend arm up over head at body level and you will have your oblique muscles stretched out.
Number three, planks contribute well to bone and joint health. Planking works by supporting body weight with no equipment used hence it will stress bones attached to muscles and stimulate its rebuilding. In addition, this exercise improve our posture and balance as we do it regularly so we can sit or stand up in straight position easily. The key is that strengthening core muscle groups contributes to better posture since stomach and back muscle impact significantly to other body muscle groups. Hence, planks are strongly recommended to reverse postural deficiencies like lorfdosis or postgerior pelvic tilt due to weakness in abdomen or hip flexors.
Number four, flank enable us to do daily tasks easily. They are grouped as functional exercise due to their benefits translate to real world activities. It means that doing planks regularly enable us to do real life tasks much easier since they focus are not only to one muscle but to several groups of muscles simultaneously. Other advantageous effect of planks includes happier and less stressed life. It is true that planks lift our spirits and energy levels like other exercises. Should you have bad mood try this exercise and feel how planking relaxes muscles in shoulder, back and neck once used to be so stiffed and tensed due to prolonged sitting. A study showed that strength exercise has beneficial effect to relieve depression symptoms. Planking everyday is good habit that we won’t be able to stop it. We will challenge ourselves to increase the duration or type of pose and it doesn’t make us bored.