4 Houseplants Best Grown In Low Light

Best Plant Grown In Low Light

Planting a houseplant is wonderful way to bring more natural look to our home interior. Most plants requires plenty of sunlight both for growth and blooming so to this purpose we need to consider some houseplants that thrive in low light setting. Luckily such plants are now available to adapt with low light condition derived from those that grow under very dense canopy of forests where sunlight is minimum. If you plant to grow them in the office, rooms, houses, or indoor settings consider about their treatments and most appropriate spots to grow in. Now Let’s check them out.

Number one is cast iron plant (Latin name: Aspidistra elatior). It is Japanese plant which leaves mimick dark green swords. Due to its natural habitat, the cast iron plant is able to survive only with less than an hour of direct sunlight daily and incredibly little water. Next we have ZZ plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) originated from Africa, a plant with long stems stained with glossy green oval leaves. Naturally it grows under dense jungles and savannas. You can grow it in office where windows are absent but having flurescent lighting. It benefits to purify air superiorly and in the absence of water the zz plant can survive for about four months.

Secondly we have Northern Maidenhair Fern or Adiantum pedatum. Its fern has five fingers set upon a black stem by numerous narrow fronds. Sunlight between one to five hours daily is enough for this plant to survive. Compare it with Dumb Cane (Dieffenbachia seguiene) with large fronds and up to five feet of height. This plant is great to grow in place with indirect light but take a precaution for pets to keep away from this plant since ingestion of it causes tongue swelling.

Number three is Lucky Bamboo or Dracaena braunii is native plant of Africa and actually different from true bamboo. Its hardy stalks tends to spiral and creates minimal foliage. This plant loves humid environment with low light supply so it is great to plant in humid place like bathroom. Now consider about Ponytail Palm (BEaucarnea recurvata). It has stout trunk and thin, long tendrils to curl where its bulbous base of trunk function to store water. The ponlytail palm is able to grow in some lighting condition ranging from bright to low light. Also, Arrowhead vine (Syngonium podophyllum) is another great transplant from South Africa belonging to Araceae family. This plan would lose its color variations when placed in darker places.

Houseplants Best Grown In Low Light

Number four is corn plant (Dracaena fragrans Massangeana). This resembles corn plant so much to please your home interior. Its thick trunk has spray of arching strap leaves tops to mimic palm. The corn plant is originated from East Africa, not surprisingly that it loves bright and sunny environment too. However its capability to survive in low light condition makes this plant appropriate to grow indoor. If you like this plant, it is recommended to move outside for several hours during summer months because the sunlight has very advantageous effect to boost its growth and color pigments.