Emerald Green And Cocktail Evening Party Dresses


Green Party Dress ~ Imagine you wear a green dress attending to the party. The dress features wonderful laces to the border and chest part, it is sleeveless and folds make the lower part so floating and each step you take impressing a princess charm. Wonderful, isn’t it? So don’t just imagine. Consider this green party dress seriously since many designers have proved they work. As seen in picture, the woman shows her charm with two wide straps at ends of shoulder, sleeveless to exploit her cute posture and semi V shape in the front side. To the stomach a black belt improve the elegance dividing between the upper part and lower part decorated with lovely folds.

Green dress has been favored by women since it vibrates great natural passion. For casual party particularly in summer or autumn, the color gives more confidence and joy to the models. Next, we can add some accessories to improve the accent. Some outfits are designed specifically to shape body to be more curvy and sexy. Check the pictures in gallery for more ideas.

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