Ice Cream Birthday Cake

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Ice cream birthday cake is great to serve. All kids adore ice cream and when they special moment come the cake with ice cream presented will impress so much. As seen in picture, the simple ice cream cake looks so adorable with colorful sprinkles. Some recipe shows that the treat can be made from important ingredients including vanilla ice cream, pouring cream, biscuits, and sprinkles for topping. Check the picture out to get inspiration about what cover we can select for our own ice cream cake.

Actually the ice cream cake recipe is just like a template, meaning that all have basically same procedure. The difference is about the topping or cover. Just add any layers such as raspberry, strawberry or so on. Additionally we can put more melted chocolate upon the ice cream for wonderful taste. See more pictures in gallery to get more ideas. For serving kids birthday it is nice to have more colors to decorate the cake. There are plenty flavors, and most fruit flavors become kids favorite.

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