Irish Wedding Rings



Irish wedding rings are famous for their unique and ethnic design which involve beautiful crafting and twisting process. As shown in the picture, it is a wedding ring with twisting style of two long waving gold lines to resemble a rope with silver smooth borders. This remind us to the traditional Irish wedding theme. Just compare to the next picture. It is wedding ring with golden shank to craft with Irish traditional motif at the surface. The ornament makes twisted triangles to fill all circle.

It seems that the triangle and rope models are so popular in Irish culture. As seen in the third picture, two wedding rings present simple but creative motif without crown or head. This resembles tire model but with more crafted ornaments. There are many other motifs to reveal how beautiful Irish heritage is to embody in an important thing like wedding rings. For more picture, see gallery, it may inspire you more. Irish wedding rings have long been prided as symbol of loyalty and life time commitment, the best way to express your true love.

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