Italian Wedding Cake Recipes

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The Italian wedding cake comes with three batches of cake topping with a small couple puppet at top. This cake has various recipes and it combines sweet of mustard and tasty of butter and white chocolate in its blend. The process is similar with other cake recipes which involve blending, mixing, shaping and baking. This wedding cake is classic Italian decorated, so simple but so tasty. Next picture shows us the cake ornamented with red and white roses. The cake is white like a lime stone that characterize tower of pillar commonly found in Italy.

Take a look to the next picture. This round cake is decorated with frosting and sweetener decorated in colorful flower shapes. This is so delicious to serve for couples and guests. Italian wedding cake recipes adore layered cakes with mustard and frosting. Sweet round cakes are great to cut and serve for everybody. Also, Italian recipes are popular with pizza tower style cake. Compare with the picture where layer by layer of cake tapering to the top is decorated with red color.  All these wedding cakes are delicious and deserve to consider for even non Italian wedding. In addition, we can serve them for non wedding event.

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