Kay Wedding Rings

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Kay collection present wonderful wedding and engagement rings to consider. Just check out the picture. It is wedding ring with square head slightly separated with the crown. Along the shoulders and top parts the beautiful crafted beads bring luxurious sense for couples. The silver shank bend semi oval to fit in finger. To the next picture, it is Kay’s collection with purple stones in love shape to place at the head. It has incredible twisting shank to bend from the shoulders. Three twisted lines end to the three prongs sustaining the stone. Each line has beads with white and black at border lines and silver smooth at the center.

The last picture shows a ring with black shoulders, full of stones to décor in big and small size combination where at the top four square stones are combined into one head. Slightly below are two jackets to lock the position. Kay Collection has long been present with innovative and classy wedding and engagement rings. In addition to materials they use for the rings, designs created by their designers make the Kay one of best wedding and engagement rings maker in the world. Check the gallery for more pictures to give inspire more.

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