Lavender Party Dress

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The lavender party dress looks so sparkly and glowing under the light. Consider this one seriously if you want to appear so cute, sexy, and fashionable in a party event. There are wide ranges of lavender color gradation from dark purple to the very pale purple approaching white. About the design, lets check from the top part. As seen in picture, the dress has wide horizontal line under the neck toward the tip of shoulders. This way your front side will look so elegant. To the back side the folds make a body contour more unique with a little bit rustic sense.

To the shoulder, some have strapless pattern, one strap to one shoulder, and wide or thin straps bringing women to their cutest look. Laces and embroideries are common used to this fashion particularly in front side to give more artistic and fashionable look. Lavender party dresses are good to present in long or short dresses. The base patterns also vary putting women in most confident point. Check more pictures in gallery and get your own ideas about lavender theme for party dress.

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