Meteorite Wedding Ring


Wedding Ring Dinosaur Bone Meteorite

This meteorite wedding ring has simple design but rare material. The stone appears like common stone with natural cracks  as seen in the picture. This tire model has no mounting, however the simplicity and unique material makes this one so special. Next, we have black stone at the head mounted to the prongs. The shank is equally wide with darker color in both sides and motif at the center. No more ornamental to catch eye but this truly rare material, once again, has made the meteorite wedding ring special.

Wedding Rings Made From Meteorite

The other simple design can be seen on the ring with simple bent shank where both tips mounts the small meteorite ball. The silver color looks so glowing but the main focus is the small ball at the head. The couple can prefer this rings where for women the wedding ring has beautiful diamond mounting with silver shank while for man the ring is so simple with black appearance. The colorful one has variation of golden shank with blue stones set on both shoulder. The shank just bend up to the mounting where the diamond placed. For more artistic look, the meteorite wedding ring appears with twisting shoulder and small beads below the head.

Wedding Rings Meteorite

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