Natural Ways to Remove Dust Mites Without Chemicals

Dust Mites

It is not a secret that million dust mites spread in our surrounding to get food from dead cells and they grow so fast. In small quantity it cause no harm but if left to develop the large populations will cause problem. Both kids and adults vulnerable to asthma attack should be kept away from mites rich environment. To eradicate such mites seem impossible. However we can take some measures to reduce them significantly. Try following tips for removing mites without chemicals

Removing Dust Mites

First tips is to lower temperature and humidity. Hot and humid place is mite’s favorite environment to grow and develop. Humidity under 50% proves to inhibit mite action so it is important to make our home less humid. In addition, lowering room temperature in place like bedroom will reduce significantly the mite population. Set the temperature about 65 Fahrenheit will be appropriate. In addition it is good to make your home as clean as possible. Never let the floor to be dirty more than a day since the longer time your home dirty, the more mites food accumulate. Besides, the clean home will enable you to live healthy and comfortably.

Second tips is washing bedding and soft furnishing with high temperatures. Do this at least once a week to ensure all mites being eradicated. Dust mites are not surviving at temperature more than 130 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t forget to wash cushions, rugs, throws and pillows to this temperature about once or twice a month. Meanwhile, some fabrics like silk or stuffed toys are not able to bear such high temperature.

So, the third tips is to freeze these fabrics for about 24 hours. To this temperature dust mites cannot survive. By this way the mites population will decrease dramatically so do their growth and development chance. After freezing shake out these items vigorously or vacuum them for best results. Vacuuming is important step to reduce allergy and dust mites so far due to its effectiveness.

The forth is using essential oil. Spray the dust mites with the mite spray mixed with tea tree oil. Every herb with antiviral and antifungal properties is appropriate for this purpose. Otherwise we can use eucalyptus oil where research has shown its anti mite properties. Apply this essential oil to strategic points like carpets, mattresses, sofas, beddings and floor.

Lastly, if you have pets at home, you need more precautions since feathers or fur lead to more dust mites accumulation. So, compared with the absence of pets you need to clean soft furnishing particularly carpets or mattresses more frequently. Groom your pets outdoor to avoid more dander entering your home and it is strongly recommended to keep away your pets from bedding.