Non Traditional Wedding Dresses


White gown is closely related with traditional wedding dress particularly in western culture. Indeed it classic and seem to be most appropriate option for centuries. However, today brides have different desires related to the dress they want to wear in their wedding moment. So other colors must be opted. For example, pink or blue wedding dress look so marvelous with right design and nothing wrong with that. Even in different culture like India, white color has long been agreed as color to wear in grievance moment. Other cultures prefer black color to express happiness of marriage. Non white wedding dress might also be combined with other elements like brass, beads, ribbons etc. .

Many designers have shown it proved to be successful. Non traditional is synonymous with modern or contemporary. Just take a look to the picture. The dress still white but with different design than mostly basic wedding dress design. To appear beautiful, some designers customize their ideas to the characteristics of bride making the dress more personal and vibrant. For more non conventional wedding dress check the picture gallery out.

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