Opal Wedding Rings

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Opal wedding rings come in various materials including silver, platinum, golds suitable for engagement or wedding needs. Opal is semi translucent stone having long been used as accessories. Once it had been popular due to its translucent properties where light can reveal multiple colors. As seen in the picture, the opal wedding ring look so glorious with silver or gold shank. In addition, the shank has unique and artistic bending on the shoulder to sustain the opal head. Wonderful colors of opal create rings with luscious and transparent magnificence.

Since long times ago opal has been used by royals for rings. Today we see it decorating many wedding or engagement rings. Sometimes it presents single, big size and the other time it present double or triple as crown. The stunning colors make opal doesn’t need too much beads to sparkle light. Compare these pictures and find which one you think the most suitable. For more picture, see gallery. Opals come with various shape ranging from oval to square or semi square. The wonderful color, once again, brings this stone to the place it deserves in a wedding ring crown.

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