Oval Wedding Rings

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 Wedding Rings Oval Oval wedding rings have been so popular until today. The oval shape, rather than perfect circle, looks so matched with human finger. In addition, it enables designers to give more artistic touch in a wedding ring. As seen in the picture, the ring has a great oval eye at the peak while a quarter part to downward some beads are set artistically. This silver ring glows perfectly under any light.

Oval Diamond Wedding Rings

Other concept of oval shape is putting more decoration at the peak. This crystal-look ring is so sparkly at the top. Take a look to the other silver ring. This come with smooth crafting to impress couple in wedding.  In addition to silver or white metal, golden wedding ring with oval shape also gain much attention. As seen in the picture, it combines glamour of gold color with artistic beads encircling the ring and crown. At the top we see a crystal stone or even diamond to sit marvelously. Reddish golden rings also offers its charm. It is trimmer and simpler but impresses a high detail and precision. The other one has twisted pattern with smaller eye to make the wedding ring so special.

Oval Shaped Wedding Rings

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