Paper Lantern Wedding Decoration Ideas

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Paper lantern has long been used for decorative purposes whether as interior design part or as a wedding decorations. Such lanterns are available in various ideas and styles. We know that oriental cultures have long been innovating with the paper lantern to result numerous motifs. So does the western culture. Lantern creates artistic shine to make the wedding ceremony more romantic and memorable. Some ideas can be worked out from the entrance. Put some paper lantern to welcome all guests and let they walk under more artistic lanterns hanging on the ceiling. Check numerous paper lantern motifs for more ideas.

As seen in the picture, paper lanterns play important role in improving the artistic and slightly vintage look. Check how the tables and chairs are shined by such lanterns, the pew, and all parts contributing to the better textures of wedding venue. Today paper lanterns have more colorful motifs so we can work with more ideas and innovation for this purposes. Check online how the paper lanterns please the wedding ceremony by their beautiful and artistic shines.