Pearl Wedding Rings

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 Pearl And Diamond Wedding Rings

Pearl is another great option to make a wonderful wedding ring. Unlike gem stones, pearls are set completely at the peak of ring as wonderful eye. As seen in the picture, the pearl is set on the twisted like a roof bending into two direction to the below part. Between the roof pattern a bent metal perfects the ring into a great finishing. It is interesting that this ring has a ring with smaller beads of golden color. So wonderful.

Pearl Wedding Rings

Next, we see the golden wedding ring with a pearl above. This looks like two rings united to hold the pearl. So simple at glance, but believe that it is not so easy to make this design finished. Next, the silver ring crafted to hold the pearl on its seat. So artistic, so glamour. Compare with the more complicated pattern in next picture. Whether golden or silver rings to seat the pearl, it is precious wedding ring. Pearls come in different colors like white or pale pink. Since pearl cannot be broken into smaller parts the ring design has to be so perfect and precise.

Wedding Rings Pearl

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