2016-2018 Camaro/Silverado/Colorado Bose Amplifier Subwoofer T-Harness

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A very valuable tool if you intend to do any kind of wiring to the car’s Bose audio system. This will save you lots of time and hassle. No need to risk cutting or tapping into your car’s sensitive wiring. Simply plug our harness in-line with the black plug on your vehicle’s Bose Amp (diagonal fins). Please note that since the Bose system is digital, there is no 12v switched power that can be used to turn on your new amp. Also the signals from the harness are high level. Therefore you will need to use a processor or amp with high level signal sensing inputs to handle the signals and turn your amp on. Please not that this harness was designed for 2016-2018 Camaro w/Bose but we have since confirmed that it will also work On 2015-2018 Colorado w/Bose and 2014-2018 Silverado with Bose, with only slight difference for each vehicle. Therefor, please note that the labels on the harness are set up specifically for Camaro. For Colorado and Silverado they are slightly different, so please consult below: Colorado gray wires=not used for Colorado (camaro only) green wires=right front door solid is+ blk stripe is- white wires=left front door solid is+ blk stripe is- Silverado/Sierra gray wires=right front door. solid is + blk stripe is – white wires=left front door. solid is + blk stripe is – green wires=subwoofer solid is + blk strip is – For Silverado w/Bose, check our latest install video here: Does not come with our Active Noise Cancellation Defeat Harness. Not all Bose stereos Have ANC, ie some Camaro Bose System don’t have ANC. Consult your window sticker if unsure. If you need our ANC Defeat harness for Bose stereos check here:



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