All-in-1 Digital HDMI Componet HD Composite RCA DVR Recorder

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Digital HDMI DVI Component Video Recorder With MPEG Editor Software This stand alone HD DVR recorder supports 1 HDMI input, 1 HD component video input and 1 composite RCA A/V input. Its HDMI pass-through helps original HD video being displayed on TV while recording being performed in real time. No computer operation required. The recorded video files are stored directly onto a portable USB drive. It allows user to record their favorite video game play, cable channels, computer HDMI DVI or other HD content at HD resolution up to 1080p through its HDMI or component A/V or composite RCA A/V hookup.  This digital HD recorder package provides powerful and easy-to-use video hardware/software solution for creating high impact content for all purposes. H.264 Video Recording This HD recorder has H.264 hardware encoder built in, which using much less(1/3) of the space what MPEG-2 DVD file takes. The recorded digital video resolution will follow the original HD input. Supports recording at 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p. Recorded video footages are saved onto a portable USB drive. A 16 GB USB flash drive can store approximately 2 hours of footage at full 1080p 30fps resolution. [Note]: This recorder does not allow recording HDMI content with HDCP encrypted from commercial devices such as blu-ray player. Please use component video output, if available, from commercial HDMI source for HD recording. Full-Function Video/Audio Editor The bundled video software allows users to record/import videos, create movies with effects or transition or edit videos with authoring tools for export and disc production. Live HD Game Recorder Users can play and record the best move during the gameplay. Gamers can also replay, edit, narrate and upload the captured footage to internet for sharing or review of playback.



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