Arama PTT MIC Headphone Headset w/Adjustable Band for Midland GMRS FRS Radios (2 Pack)

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Color:L2 Arama Over Head Headset with Durable PTT, Flexible Boom MIC for Midland GMRS FRS Radios Professional headset with steel headband, you can bend the steel headband to fit any headsize. it’s more durable and comfortable because the steel headband is adjustable hard to broke. a large PTT provides comfortable hand grasp. Works with All Midland GMRS/FRS RadiosCompatibility: GXT Series: GXT250, GXT255, GXT300, GXT325, GXT400, GXT444, GXT450, GXT500, GXT550, GXT555, GXT560, GXT565, GXT600, GXT635, GXT650, GXT656, GXT661, GXT700, GXT710, GXT720, GXT735, GXT740, GXT750, GXT756, GXT757, GXT760, GXT771, GXT775, GXT785, GXT795, GXT800, GXT808,GXT850, GXT860, GXT860VP4, GXT881, GXT895VP4, GXT900, GXT950, GXT1000, GXT1000VP4, GXT1050 : GXT5000, GXT2050VP4, GXT2000VP4, GXT1050VP4, GXT1030VP4, GXT1000VP4, GXT760VP4, GXT710VP3LXT Series: LXT80, LXT110, LXT112, LXT114, LXT114VP, LXT118, LXT118VP, LXT210, LXT216, LXT276, LXT300, LXT303, LXT305, LXT310, LXT315, LXT318, LXT319, LXT320, LXT322, LXT323, LXT324, LXT326, LXT328, LXT330,LXT335, LXT340, LXT345, LXT350, LXT360, LXT365, LXT376, LXT380,LXT385, LXT410, LXT420, LXT435, LXT440, LXT460, LXT480,LXT490VP3, LXT500VP3, LXT535, LXT535VP3, LXT550, LXT600VP3XT Series: XT14, XT18, XT20, XT22, XT24, XT25, XT26, XT27, XT28, XT30, XT511CXT Series: CXT240, CXT250, CXT280X-Talker Series: T31VP, T51VP3, T55VP3, T61VP3, T65VP3, T71VP3 T75VP3 NOTE:There are 2 headphones in the package.



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