Audiovox PSD100 Digital Front or Rear 2 Sensor Upgradable System with Learning Capability

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Product Packaging:Standard Packaging The PSD100 is the industrys first sensing system with learning capability. This system can actually learn to ignore vehicle mounted objects i.e bike racks, mounted spare tires, and/or hitch mounted accessories so it can focus on objects that it might hit. The PSD100 uses flash memory to learn and remember the obstacles on or around the vehicle. The system is designed to allow the driver to program and re-program it as much as needed. It can be used as a front sensor system and/or rear sensor system. ‘2 sensors detect obstacles over 6 feet away from the bumper System can be installed as a front or rear sensor system Learning capability Waterproof connectors allow replacement of individual sensors at the bumper System is upgradable to a 4 sensor system using PSD200/PSD200C 2 sensor add-on kits Warning buzzer mute feature shuts off warning tonesBoth the sensitivity and the detection range are independently adjustable Includes 0 degree and 8 degree angle sensor sleeves to fit most bumpers if requiredSensors can be flush installed without the sleeves for a more OEM lookSleeves not required in 80 percent of installationsAdjustable buzzer volume and tricolor LED warning module helps with object range notificationThe front sensor system has a reduced rangeUses active learning to detect only obstacles which are getting closer to the vehicleThe front sensor requires only accessory power to operateBlack sensors can be painted to match vehicle color



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