Daily Meditation 1 NLT Audio Bible Player – New Living Translation Electronic Bible

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Daily Meditation Audio Bible Player is designed to empower Christians to live a blessed Psalm 1 Lifestyle. Its advanced numerical indexing system, built-in speaker and earphone, rechargeable battery will enable you to listen to God’s words anywhere you go, keeping your mind focused on God’s promises and wisdom all the time. Its specially designed one year bible plan will guide you to read, listen, pray and meditate the bible in a year, which will transform your life. This audio bible player is ideal for: 1) Anyone who wants to make good use of your time to focus on God’s words all day long when you commute, cook, exercise, do house work, etc. 2) Anyone who finds it so inconvenient to carry a large case of NLT bible on CD around. 3) Anyone who wants to stay away from distractions and temptations of smart devices in order to have a quality time to focus on God’s words. 4) Anyone who struggles with NLT audio bible mp3 download and setting up NLT audio bible mp3 file properties correctly in order to load into an mp3 player. 5) Anyone who likes New Living Translation Bible. 6) Old parents. Ideal Mother Day, Father Day, birthday and holiday gift. We also have KJV, NKJV, NIV, ESV, AMP, NASB, NRSV, CEV versions available.



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