DEGEN DE1129 FM Stereo AM.SW DSP ATS With 4GB MP3 Player Digital Recorder Radio

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A radio with all features you need. DE1129 is our first all in one radio, it combines AM/FM/SW with Voice recorder and MP3 player. Kaito makes this radio to meet all needs for radio lovers and music fans. The shortwave is in great sensitivity that picks up most bands in the world. It is a DSP ( Digital Signal Processor) featured radio that all the signal are processed by a computer chip to give you the sound quality and easy to use. Specifications: 1. FM: 87.00-108.00Mhz or 64.00-108.00 Mhz ( Campus Broad casting) 2. AM: 520-1710 Khz 3. SW: 2.30- 23.00 Mhz 4. Voice Recorder: Mic Or Radio recorder selectable 5. MP3 Player, plays WMA format. 6. Lithium battery long time playing. 7. Small size for pocket use. 5’X3’X1′ Inches 8.Light Weight: 6.2 Ounces 9. Alarm Clock 10. Aux Input to use it as a computer speaker because of its high sound quality. 11. 5 Ways to tune in a station. 12. Repeat mode to play back the store music or sound. 13. E Book 14. Sleep Mode 15. 248 Station Memories. 16. Multi-Language 17. Timer to turn on the radio. It is a great fun to have this radio, in this days, people like to use a cellphone to get information, but radio is still a major way of receiving information for free, this radio is built with latest DSP ( SiliconLab) chips, so the sound quality is crystal clear with our best selected speaker.



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