DEI 474T 474P 474V 474L OEM Replacement Remote 474A

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DEI 474T 474P 474V 474L OEM Replacement Remote 474A. The DEI 474 Series is used with HF 434 MHz DEI Systems where the CPU (‘the brain’) has the capability to ‘learn and store’ the code from a pre-coded replacement remote. The DEI 474 is pre-coded at the factory with so each 474 remote has a different unique ‘code’ and is then ‘programmed’ into your system’s CPU. Automate 474A is compatible with the following systems: Automate 410A, 425A, 435A, 552A, 553A, AM2, AM5, AM6, AM7, AM9, Avital 21000, 2200, 4000, 4100, 4200, 4300, 4400, Python 440 HP, 460 HP, 660 XP, Sidewinder 381S, 3200 HS, 3300 HS, 5500 XS, Valet 554T, 562T, 561R, 563T, 712T, 716T, Hornet 740, 742, Rattler 110D, 210D, 310D, 369D, Viper 210 HV, 350 HV, 650 XV, 850 XV. The RPN 474A remote can be used to replace 474V, 474T, 474L, 474P. Those would be the Viper, Valet, Avital, and Python Versions of the same remote. There is also the 3 button group of remotes 473T, 473S, 473P, 473V, 473L, 7133L which can also be replaced by this 474A. Also the 2 button remotes with RPN 471T and 471C are replaceable using the 474A.



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