DeLorme Earthmate PN-20 Waterproof Hiking GPS

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Product Packaging:Standard Packaging Product Description Ideal Gps Solution For In-Vehicle Navigation, Hiking, Camping, Geocaching, Fishing, Hunting, Boating, Professional Applications, Such As Civil Engineering, Surveying, Gis-Related Data Collection, Emergency Operations & Morehigh-Resolution 2.2′ Tft Color Display200 X 176 Pixelshigh-Sensitivity 12-Parallel Channel Handheld Gps Receivernmea-Compliantwaas-Enabled75 Mb Internal Flash Memory For User-Uploaded Mapsup-To-Date Topographic Mapsnoaa Nautical Charts4 Types Of Aerial Imagerysecure Digital Card(Tm) Slotwaterproof To Ipx7 Standardsrugged, Impact-Resistant Rubberized Caseincludes 2 Aa Batteries & Travel Power Kit5.25’H X 2.43’W X 1.5’D5.12 Oz DeLorme, famous for its topographic and street map detail, has created a GPS receiver to enable anyone to use a wide variety of detailed maps and aerial imagery for all outdoors activities. The Earthmate GPS PN-20 is a low-cost, high-sensitivity, fully integrated handheld GPS that delivers capabilities previously unavailable at any price. DeLorme maps and imagery on a handheld GPS GPS for wherever you go. On Trail…. On Road… On Water…. An All-in-One Handheld GPS Solution from DeLorme Includes Topo USA 8.0 DVD mapping software with full U.S. topographic and street maps, plus aerial imagery NMEA-compliant 12-channel receiver Fast acquisition times, outstanding signal retention High-resolution 2.2′ TFT color screen for total clarity under a variety of lighting conditions 75 MB of user-available internal flash memory SD card slot for up to 2 GB additional memory Holds up to 10 tracks (10,000 points per track), 1,000 user-defined waypoints, and 50 routes Aerial imagery available for free download Pre-loaded worldwide highway/major road base map Waterproof to IPX-7 standard Impact-resistant rubberized housing On-device road routing Runs on 2 AA batteries (included) or available lithium-ion rechargeable battery WAAS-enabled Device dimensions: 2.43′ W x 5.25′ H x 1.5′ D Weight 5.12 oz. Why the All-in-One PN-20 Handheld? Maps Included No extra maps to buy. Includes DeLorme Topo USA 8.0 DVD software with full, updated U.S. topographic & street maps to export as needed to your PN-20. Also includes an on-device highway-level world base map. FREE Aerial Imagery Downloads Includes $100 worth (400 sq. km) of DeLorme Aerial Data Packets of your U.S. areas of interest. Download Aerial Data Packets containing black & white aerial imagery (DOQQs), Sat-10 colorized satellite imagery, and scanned USGS 7.5-minute quads using Topo USA’s NetLink tab. Multiple Views of the Same GPS Location On-device data layering lets you select which map or imagery type to see of your GPS location. Switch among data types to gain a comprehensive view of where you are–it’s revolutionary and provides a whole new level of geographic detail. Bright Color Screen Works in bright sunlight to total darkness. Sharp brand screen featuring the latest transflective screen technologies to maximize visibility under a variety of lighting conditions. Rugged and Waterproof Conforms to IPX-7 waterproof standard with impact-resistant rubberized housing for a solid grip. Concealed battery compartment with SD card slot. Includes two AA batteries. High-Performance Technology Features STMicroelectronics chipset with SiGE RF front-end and DeLorme firmware for outstanding signal acquisition and retention. Works equally well under dense foliage or in-vehicle. Easy Exchange of Maps, Tracks, and Waypoints Exchange pre-cut multi-state routable regions between Topo USA on the desktop to the GPS, or select only the specific, customized areas you want–topographic maps and imagery. Exchange routes, tracks, and waypoints between the GPS and Topo USA (two-way transfers). Extensive On-Device Memory 75MB of internal flash memory available in addition to the preloaded world base map. Holds up to ten tracks (10,000 points per track); 1,000 user-defined waypoints; and 50 routes. SD slot also available. Powerful Topographic Software Included The included Topo USA PN-20 software is loaded with additional capabilities for use on a desktop PC. Create automatic road and trail routes, elevation profiles, and realistic 3-D flyovers. No extra charge to you–a $99.95 retail value by itself! A Powerful Partnership Earthmate GPS PN-20 and Topo USA The Earthmate GPS PN-20 with included Topo USA 8.0 DVD software provides a complete two-way map data, waypoint, and track log transfer capability: Maps Included It’s a powerful way to create and save detailed GPS-accurate maps for use on the desktop software and on the GPS. Prepare exactly the maps and imagery you want on the desktop, including waypoints, tracks, and automatically generated routes, and then transfer to the Earthmate GPS PN-20 Once you’ve been in the field or in-vehicle with the Earthmate GPS, transfer your new and updated waypoints and track logs back to the Topo USA desktop software and edit and save within your map files Topo USA/Earthmate PN-20 Map Exchange Overview DeLorme has pre-cut U.S. multi-state regions within the included Topo USA software. This allows you to update the world base map on the GPS with more detailed routable U.S. highway and major roads for your region(s) of interest. This design maximizes user-available, on-device internal memory for even more detailed topographic maps and imagery you cut from Topo USA of your precise areas of interest. The Eastern 1(A) multi-state region, as an example, requires 12 MB, with a total of 75 MB available on the device. These precut regions are located in the left window of the Handheld Exchange dialog, which is also where your map packages, waypoints, and tracks will be stored once created. (Note: you can store up to 2 GB of data on an SD card. The SD card slot is located within the battery compartment, beneath the batteries.) The PN-20–Topo USA 8.0 System comes with: Street and Topographical Maps View Maps Detailed U.S. Street & Topographic Maps Cut & transfer custom map packages of the exact coverage you want Detailed vector-based maps created from the USGS topographic data & the latest DeLorme U.S. street & trail network U.S. land cover including bodies of water, wetlands, forests, mountains, glaciers, grasslands, rock cover & more Contour lines with elevation numbers Fully routable when combined with the corresponding Regional Highway map By default, saved map packages include data zoom levels 8-17 (which translates to a scale of 4 miles through 40 ft). Saved maps display all roads, land cover, and contours. View Maps U.S. Regional Routable Highway Maps Convenient, precut multi-state regions–transfer from Topo USA to your PN-20, as needed Major highways & major roads Required for road routing on the PN-20 Regional maps cover scales of 4 miles to .25 miles View Maps The DeLorme World Base Reference Map Preloaded on the Earthmate GPS PN-20 High-level map includes country borders, highways & major roads Displays interstates and major highways at scales of 500 miles to 8 miles Created by DeLorme’s staff of professional cartographers Aerial Data Packet (ADP) Downloads–400 sq. km FREE! Comprised of the three layers for a chosen area. View Maps USGS 7.5-Minute Quad Maps FREE download into Topo USA as part of your ADPs Transfer from Topo USA to your PN-20, as needed The authentic scanned USGS 7.5-minute paper quad maps Show roads, trails, buildings, large natural landmarks & other unique features View Maps DOQQ (Digital Orthoquads) B&W Aerial Imagery FREE download into Topo USA as part of your ADPs Transfer from Topo USA to your PN-20, only as needed Detailed, black & white, satellite imagery Provide a unique aerial perspective, ideal in off-the-beaten-path environments View logging & 4WD roads, bodies of water, and other natural features from above View Maps Sat-10 Color Satellite Imagery FREE download into Topo USA as part of your ADPs Transfer from Topo USA to your PN-20, only as needed 10-meter colorized satellite imagery for viewing large geographic areas Provides high-level views of vegetation, topography, and large, visible geologic formations on the Earth’s surface Natural color satellite imagery derived from merging SPOT 10m panchromatic & Landsat 30m multi-spectral scenes



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