EMX CarSense 101 Outdoor Buried Driveway Sensor 24VAC (probe sold separately)

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Prevention – Detects moving vehicles in an industrial environment where there are blind areas along the driving path and actuates warning lights. Energy Conservation – Detects moving vehicles along a driving path in a warehouse and turns lights on only in the proximity of the vehicle. Security – Detects approaching vehicles or an unauthorized movement of a parked vehicle and actuates alarms, video cameras or vehicle annunciator. Access Control – ‘Free Exit’ vehicle detector for gates, overhead doors and parking barriers. NOTE: Do not use the CarSense sensor for presence detection application. If presence detection is require use our LD-2000 loop detectors or IRB-4X infrared sensors. The CarSense 101 motion detector is pictured here with a sensing probe. Each item sold separately. To complete the CarSense 101 package, you must also purchase a sensing probe. Probes are sold in lengths of 50 ft., 100 ft., 150 ft., 200 ft. and 400 ft.



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