Fischer Audio Silver Bullet In-Ear Headphone with In-Line Multifunction Remote and Microphone

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Fisher Audio Silver Bullet build with the one of the best technology of Fisher Audio called Fundamentals line featuring the technology of ANP (Audio Noise Processor). Captivate attention will definitely feel before they even meet the ears as they do the sound is truly amazing and presented in a unique way, unlike any other. The true bass reponse will easily be satisfy the most demanding of listeners but this has no toll on the lush, detailed midrange that is forward and in control. The treble is also very detailed as well as being bright and sparkly, it will really do it for those treble lovers. The sound should really appeal as it manages to sound great with just any genre that you throw at it! Y-split and gold plated jack as well as being very sturdy would be the stylish design of you go! Obviously these have noise isolation in mind so they come with three different sets of silicone tips in small, medium and large so they fit you. Comfort is also a priority and these have silicone sleeves over the housing so that these do not cause irritation. Lastly so they are safe at all times they come with a portable, pocket sized case with a mesh pouch inside for spare tips and if your not carrying your spare tips with you, then you can make use of the included tip stand and to make sure they stay secure on you, the included shirt clip will fasten these to you.



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