FLASH FRAME Flash Flip H.O.T. – Hands On Top

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Product description Compact Easy to use value priced Flash bracket Adjustable height bracket accomodates larger taller camera bodies Use the FlashFlip H.O.T Flash bracket to shoot Verticals naturally with your hand on top of the camera & eliminate red eye and harsh side-shadows at the same time From the Manufacturer Lets you shoot with your hand on top of the camera which is the most natural and popular way to shoot. Compact, Easy to Use, Value Priced Flash Bracket. Adjustable height bracket accommodates larger, taller camera bodies. Use the FlashFlip H.O.T flash bracket to shoot verticals naturally, with your Hand ON TOP of the camera and eliminate red-eye and harsh side shadows at the same time. FlashFlip H.O.T. like other FlashFlips, allows for horizontal and vertical shots keeping the flash high and centered above the lens. In the vertical flash mode, this bracket lets you shoot the way you would normally with your ‘Hands on Top’ of the camera which is the most popular way to shoot verticals. Platform base supports larger camera bodies and allows the entire camera assembly (camera, flash and bracket) to stand up on its own.



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